Welcome! My name is Anna Dixon and I am the lead data scientist and cookie-monster-in-chief at Datafoss.

I founded Datafoss with the idea that behind every data set is an interesting story waiting to be told. Some stories play out exactly the way we expect and others surprise us with cool plot twists. At Datafoss, I use a combination of programming, statistical analysis and machine learning to help clients better understand their data and scope projects using their data to either further their research or improve business performance. If this interests you, please visit my blog where I really let the data tell its story. You can also email me at anna@datafoss.com.

For a little of my own background: I received a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Washington where my research focused on the application of compressed sensing on biomedical signals. Since then I’ve worked in consulting for various companies doing work ranging anywhere from developing signal processing algorithms related to my PhD to using optimization and programming to build a database of agricultural practices aiding cross-species epidemic prevention. I’ve also worked at the United States Army Research Lab conducting research involving machine learning and biomedical sensor system design optimization. I proudly consider myself a “data geek” and love being able to pursue my passion through Datafoss.